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Gutters & Downspouts

Texar Metals offers high-quality gutters and downspouts to effectively manage water runoff and protect your building's foundation. Our gutter systems are available in various sizes and materials to suit your specific needs, and our downspouts ensure efficient water drainage, preventing water damage and erosion around your property.

CNC Plasma Cutting

With our state-of-the-art CNC plasma cutting technology, Texar Metals delivers precise and intricate metal cutting solutions. Our experienced team can accurately cut metal sheets and plates into customized shapes and sizes, meeting your project requirements with exceptional craftsmanship and efficiency.


Texar Metals provides professional metal forming services, transforming flat metal sheets into desired shapes and profiles. Using advanced equipment and skilled craftsmen, we can bend, roll, and shape metal to create products such as curved panels, trim pieces, and decorative elements, adding a unique touch to your project.

Custom Edge Metal

For a seamless and polished finish, Texar Metals offers custom edge metal solutions. Our skilled technicians fabricate edge metal components, including drip edges, fascia, and copings, precisely tailored to your specifications. With our attention to detail and superior craftsmanship, we ensure that your building's edges are not only aesthetically pleasing but also well-protected.


Texar Metals' shearing services provide efficient and precise cutting of metal sheets to your desired dimensions. With our high-capacity shearing equipment, we can handle a wide range of thicknesses and lengths, ensuring clean and accurate cuts for your metal fabrication projects.

Laser Cutting

Utilizing advanced laser cutting technology, Texar Metals delivers exceptional precision and versatility in metal cutting. Our state-of-the-art laser cutting machines can accurately cut intricate designs and patterns, allowing for intricate details and complex shapes in your metal products.


Texar Metals offers durable and cost-effective R-panels, an excellent choice for a variety of roofing and siding applications. R-panels are known for their strength, easy installation, and resistance to harsh weather conditions. With different color options available, our R-panels provide both functionality and aesthetic appeal to your project.

Standing Seam Lock Panels

Our standing seam lock panels provide a sleek and modern appearance while ensuring exceptional weather resistance and longevity. The interlocking design creates a continuous and watertight seal, making them an ideal choice for roofing applications. With a variety of colors and finishes to choose from, our standing seam lock panels offer both durability and architectural elegance to elevate your project.

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